For every animal lover. This is the treat…. Dog Thunder Jackets


News Flash: It’s 2017 and dogs have become peoples children.

Therefore if you are looking for a gift for dog lovers, this treat will get everyone brownie points, it’s fool-proof to succeed in spreading happiness. The dog will love you more, and if you are not the owner directly so will the owner (couples and best friends take note). It is for the simple reason that you are thinking of their dog’s/child’s feelings!

We have all seen a dog cower and howl in a storm. This jacket, as well as being trendy, will help ease the pooch’s day by making them feel hugged, secure and calmer throughout the loud noises.

However, why not complete the look, and spice it up with a specially designed dog bow tie. They have a reputation to uphold after all.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Click on the items below to purchase for Worldwide

Post this treat as a subtle hint to someone with the links below.


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