Treat Yourself and Others – Pay Day Purchase 2017

This Payday treat is for everyone, ever. If you have hair it’s for you. Welcome to the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. 

5579115_rd       5579119_rd


Fuchsia                           Silver

It has been designed to take away all of the negatives of a normal hair dryer. Say “so long” to noise, arm ache, overheating, ugliness and unkindness to hair.

Yes, it is more than you would normally spend. However it is an investment piece for you or someone else.  Plus it limits noise by having the motor tuned to produce an inaduible frequency (perfect for people with light sleeping housemates and new born babies), cuts time (for those who are late to bed or work), is cool to touch (so no more burnt fingers) and finally looks incredible.

If that doesnt convince you, lets do the maths. Imagine you use the hair dryer at least every other day, for 7 years

That is a cost of 0.25p a dry or $0.34.

For more details click below –

Dyson (USA & Canada)

Dyson Hairdryer (Rest of the World)

Post this treat as a subtle hint to someone with the links below.

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