Hump day Treat – Embarrassment is Key

It is hump day and there is only one way to get through it….

Put a smile on your face with the gift of flowers


To yourself or someone else, such as your mum, a old Friend, new friend, or just someone to let them know you are thinking about them. For an occasion or just an everyday occasion. And of course, in 2017, you can go worldwide with this gesture over 23 countries are available.

There is guaranteed joy knowing that you have spoiled them and gifted them some happiness. However, there are varied levels of embarrassment that can be bestowed when ordering flowers for others, combined with these positive feelings –

Level 1 – No embarrassment, it’s for you. You simply want to make your home or office look beautiful.

Level 2 – Ordering the flowers secretly and then giving them to your lucky receiver face to face in a public or private place. This will ensure on a little embarrassment mixed with a huge smile, and a memory you wont forget.

Level 3 – sending them to an office or house, with no word of warning in the middle of their day. Maximising the amount of people who will see and making them feel super loved and happy that you thought of them for this surprise gift.

Level 4 – You don’t know them very well but you know they deserve it. Random acts of kindness to strangers.

Whichever option you choose, there are two great companies who offer a variety of price points and international delivery, with a same day option. If you are not sure which type to choose, there are a few options highlighted below for each possible receiver.

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Floral Queen



Post this treat as a subtle hint to someone with the links below.

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