Giving the gift of a second chance at life…. for Chopsticks

Is there life after ramen, after sushi or even after noodles for a chopstick?

For many years a chopstick has only ever had one purpose in life, to aid in the consumption of food.

For your kitchen? A Bamboo Starter Pack (6 Tiles & 3 Shelves)

However it is 2017 and a very talented team at ChopValue in Canada, have reformed the life span of a bamboo chopstick. Prolonging and expanding its use into household goods, yoga blocks, shelving and even tables. Their designs are modern and authentic, lifting the look of any room they are placed in.

The concept of the process involves collecting used chopsticks from asian eateries and then processing them into newly developed materials. Allowing them then to be used for new designs. This gift ChopValue-Coasters-with-Laser-Engraved-2.0-600x600idea is so unique and you are helping with recycling and gifting a very thoughtful present. What’s more, there is the option of personalised engraving on items, so you can add a message, name or even family logo!


Here are our top picks –

Coasters only $29.00.


Coasters are a great and thoughtful gift for someone who has just moved into a new house or have just got married. You can personalise each coaster with an engraving for example with a personalised message or their initials.



yoga_single_9-600x600 (1)
Yoga Block $62.50


 Do you know a Yoga fan? This is a great gift for them. ChopValue have designed a perfectly shaped Yoga Block, from only recycled Chopsticks.



Hexagon Shelf $35.00



The Hexagon shelves, are a modern day design on a  feature that every house needs – Shelving. ChopValue offer custom dimensions if you have something in mind and they also sell wall tiles which combined with the shelves will set off a whole room. Think feature wall, kitchen storage.

For more gift ideas visit Chop Value Shop.

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