Harry Potter Fans, request this as a gift today!

Black Milk are an Australian brand who deliver worldwide and have just made Harry Potter fans’ dreams come true via…..

 A  Hogwarts Clothing collection suitable for adults and young adults! 

BeFunky Collagedd.jpg
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The collection compromises of subtle Harry Potter references, such as the H & R lettered jumper (as shown below). Which can also be the perfect gift if that is your initial e.g Rosie, Harriet, Ruby. 

BeFunky Collagej.jpg
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And then, to the not so subtle items, such as Bear.In.Mind.Gifts favourite: the Hogwart Short overalls – 

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If you or someone you know is a fan, I am sure they have let you know by talking you through each book or dragging you to the movies for preview screenings.

Why not treat yourself or that someone else to a piece of Harry Potter fashions, available now at Black Milk.

Why not share this gift as a hint to someone to treat you, by choosing a social media link below. 

Then, why not subscribe to Bear.In.Mind.Gifts with your email address on the home page. 

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