Is he hard to buy for and always late?

Male? Yes. Punctual? No. Stylish? He thinks!

Does that title pretty much sum up a man in your life? Whether it be your dad, boyfriend, husband, best friend or son. It is time to update his wardrobe and punctuality with a very special watch – The Automatic. 

Ingersoll Skeleton

An automatic or self-winding watch, as well as being sexy to look at,  is a mechanical watch in which the spring is wound automatically through the natural motion of your daily movements. So whenever your wrist moves, it will give the watch life. There is no need to wind the watch, the motion of your movements will do everything you need.

The unique look of the watch means that you can see the mechanical parts on the face, giving it a really authentic feel. You can also go one step further and choose a Skeleton Automatic watch (as shown to the left) which allows every piece of the mechanical workings to been seen from both the front and back. Allowing the piece to feel classic and ornamental, something more than just a normal time piece.

Now which one to choose? The things to consider are-

– Chunky, lite (skeleton), vintage or flashy?

Straps – Do they prefer Leather or Metal?

Colour – Do they like Rose Gold, Silver or Gold?

When you know these or can do a good guess, you can start your purchasing. Most watch brands have an offering of an Automatic watch. However, our favourites are from Fossil, Links of London, Ingersol and Bulova. 



shopping (1)
Fossil Automatic Watch (Complete Metal strap with gold and silver colouring)
Bulova Automatic Watch. (Brown Leather and Silver Face)
Ingersoll Skeleton Watch (Black Leather with Rose Gold outline and Transparent Face)
Fossil – Townsmen (Brown Leather, Navy Face with Silver edging)
Fossil Automatic Watch (Black Leather with Silver and Rose gold)

Links Of London (Brown Cracked Leather with a Gold Face)


Here are the links to our favourite Automatic Watch options

Ingersoll Automatic Watch

Fossil Skeleton and Automatic Watches

Bulova Automatic Watches

Links of London Skeleton Watch

Post this treat as a subtle hint to someone with the links below.


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