This Gift can never be wrong : Limited edition Adidas Sneakers

If you know a ANYONE with a birthday (it can be yourself!), or have an anniversary, or maybe you are just feeling generous for a loved one. This is the gift for you, but get in there quick.

The Adidas Consortium has launched a new Sneaker Exchange concept, combining two different retailers, with an outcome of two pairs of limited-edition sneakers co-designed trainers.

The programs latest offerings are by Alfie (NY) and StarCow (Paris). This collaboration brings a suede Gazelle and leather Stan Smith.

The Gazelle is delivered in shades of grey


The Stan Smith is presented in white and off-white.


Additionally, each model has red, white and blue for the US’ “Stars and Stripes” as well as France’s “Tricolore” on the heels. Both designs are limited addition, which makes the gift so much more special. Why not buy a pair of both and go matching with your partner or best friend!

These beauties are available online only until the 29th of July, from the links provided. They then are released in to retail stores, from then onwards.

Watch this space for more Adidas consortium sneaker exchange gift ideas over the year.

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