A Real Body of Work… Human Form Candles

This gift is for either someone who has an amazing sense of humour or someone who loves art.




Bear. In. Mind. Gifts. would like to introduce you to Laura Grossman. 

Every candle is hand made and designed to reflect the human form including male, female or hermaphrodite.

Each unique piece comes in a vibrant colours of your choice and have very strategic wicks placed upon them!

It is for these design features that Laura’s Nude Candles make the perfect gift for all occasions. For someone moving home, graduation, a birthday or simply for a treat yourself day. Maybe your flat needs an injection of art?


Choose between the creations shown below –

BUY NOW – Nude Female Figures
BUY NOW – Nude Hermaphrodite Figures
BUY NOW – Nude Couple Set

BUY NOW – Nude Male Figures

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