Pay Day Treats for Vegetarian and Vegan Travellers

As it is officially summer, now is the time to prep for your holidays.


A great way to be super thoughtful and appreciative of someone’s choices to not use animal products as part of their lives is to treat them, or yourself, to items that compliment these morals.

Vegans and vegetarians now have their own industries and manufacturers of goods, which makes it easy (peas-y!) for you to make an amazing gift choice.

This week we are focusing on passport holders (sleeves), as they are essential to keep those very important documents safe and undamaged. They also show personality and fanciness when you are in the airport queue.

So here are our top picks to help make the rest of the queue green with jealousy –

Matt & Nat

Vegan Passport Sleeves

BeFunky Collage


Mermaid Glitter Passport Sleeves



Boho Brown Cork Passport Sleeves



Atlas Family or Couples Passport holder


Post this treat as a subtle hint to someone with the links below.


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