Give them the world – For someone who LOVES to go & dream of travelling

Looking for a Birthday, Moving In or Christmas gift?

Look no further than: Scratch Maps. They are the perfect gifts for everyone who likes to travel the world. Give them a Scratch Map in the form Wall Art or shaped as a traditional globe for their mantle piece.


The premise of a Scratch Map

The premise of a Scratch Map are to keep track of your holiday/travels through these 3 easy steps –

1. Scratch off the top layer of the map each time you have visited a country.


2. Reveal a different colour and allow you to over time show more and more of the primary colours, highlighting the places you have been. So you can be forever proud of your ‘been’ places and excited for your ‘to go’ places, each time you walk past your map.


3. As you scratch off more countries, you will not need to think about your next holiday destination, the map can decide for you. Plus, the scratch map can be a conversational topic when people come and visit.

Now for the Scratch Map gift options –

BUY NOW – Deluxe Gold Scratch Off World Travel Map 35 x 25 Inches



   BUY NOW – Scratch Off World Map Deluxe Wall Poster with a BONUS Adhesive Stickers, Scratch Tool, Wiping Cloth & Unique eBook



BUY NOW – Go alternative with Luckies of London Scratch Globe by Luckies


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